Sunday, September 26, 2010

Red White and Blue: It seems Red is becoming the dominant color.

To those of you who say "Oh well Obama isn't socialist, he has no such involvement with socialist people...etc." I'd like to ask you to read quotes of his. In his book, he talks about who he is friends with. He says in his book,Dreams from my Father, "I choose my friends very carefully, [..] politically active blacks, foreign students, chicanos, and MARXIST professors." For those of you who don't understand why I made "MARXIST" all caps, I'll explain it to you. The term "Marxist" refers to people who believe in the ideals of a man named Karl Marx. He wrote the book "Communist Manifesto" in the mid to late 1800's. In his book, he talks about the ideas and what not that socialism is based on. So...hmm...if Obama SEEKS to find these people, one must come to the conclusion that he, at the very least, might share those same ideas.

Some of you, during the big 2008 election craze, might have watched the news at some point, and witnessed the video of Obama talking to "Joe the Plumber". In this video, Obama says at one point in the interview "I think that spreading the wealth is what's best for everone"

Spreading the wealth.....Gee, that sure sounds capitalist doesn't it? Oh right, that's the exact opposite of capitalistic. Spreading the wealth. Taking money from people who work hard, who earned that money the right way, and giving it to others. Where on Earth does that happen? Oh right, China, North Korea, you know, communistic countries. Now, if EVERYONE worked an honest days work, worked as hard as they could, and still couldn't survive on those means, I could MAYBE see doing something like that. But in today's society, that just isn't the case. Several people would just say "Oh well, those people in their offices, the CEO's of big Fortune 500 companies will make enough for us to all live on, I could just not work, and the government will still give me money. So why should I waste my time working when I can just have fun all day when I'm just going to get free money?"

Yet another reason I firmly believe he's socialist is his call for what would basically be a Civilian Army. He wants civilians to create an army, seperate from the U.S. Army, that is JUST as STRONG, JUST as POWERFUL, and JUST as FUNDED. In WHAT non-socialist/communist country do you see this atrocity? A civilian army....where have we seen that before? Does Hitler and his Nazi's ring any bells? How about Lenin? You now, Russia's (Communist) leader?

Some may say "Oh gosh, Luke just compared Obama to Hitler!" Yes, yes I did. There is another similarity. Unless you're completely cut off from the media, you obviously know about the Government Bailouts of the car industry. Now, the government owns GM and Chrysler. What was "General Motors" is now what some are calling "Government Motors". So now, he's able tell GM and Chrysler what they can and can't do. Why am I bringing this up? Because in the 1940's, Adolf Hitler did the same general thing. He didn't buy out the German motor companies, but he had ties to the leaders of German car companies like Volkswagon, and Porsche, and told them what to do. Hitler put the car industry, under government control.

Just some food for thought.

He said he wanted change, but no one knew to what degree he really meant.

Some, or most, of you may not know exactly what's going on in Washington D.C. right now. Chances are, if you're only watching MSNBC, NBC, ABC, or CNN, you're likely never going to really know what's going on. If you know anything about the governmental system, or how it works, you'd know that anyone that the President appoints to be an advisor, or anything of that nature, must be approved by Congress. Obama, seems to believe that he can just skip that little step. The media seems to ignore that Obama has upwards of 50 "czars" that work for him. They not only answer to no one but Obama, but they weren't even approved by Congress. Several of these "czars" have admitted to being communist. COMMUNIST! For the love of God, is this really who you want the "President", of the United States, surrounding himself with? America was based on Capitalism for the past 233 years. Why is it all of a  sudden not good enough? Why does Obama suddenly want to change our CONSTITUTION? What in God's name gives him the right to do that? Where is everybody? Why is no one standing up against this Socialistic madman? About a month ago, there was a website, DO NOT click that link. Anyway, it was basically supposed to appear to be one of those "Cash for Clunkers" websites. You had to agree to a service agreement. You know, where it says "I have read the terms...etc." then of course you don't read through it, so you just click agree? Well anyone who just went and clicked that "Agree" button, agreed to basically give their computer to the Government. One of the "Czars", put this website together. When you hit agree, a little box would pop up on the screen and say "This computer is now property of the United States Government. We can search through everything that you've searched, download anything to you computer whenever we want..etc.." How, I ask you, how is this in any way American? Something seriously needs to be done.

Some of you may ask why I don't refer to Obama as "President Obama". I do that because he truly isn't acting as the President of the United States. He's acting like the president of a Communistic country.

Another thing that just is mind boggling. Some of you may have heard of the political group, ACORN. This group literally aims to destroy the United States Government. There was just recently a young college student that went under cover, acted as a prostitute, and asked how she could cheat the tax system. ACORN helped them figure out how to rename it so she could make money illegally. Then she asked about 13 El Salvadorian girls, aged 13-16, all of which would be Illegal Immigrants, and asked how she could bring them to the United States and "whore" them out. ACORN, seems to have an answer for everything. They told her to claim them as "Independants". How, in any way, is that right? Selling off girls as young as 13 for sex? This group seriously needs to be investigated, and this Administration needs serious investigation. We, the people, need to stand up for the future of not only us, but our kids, and their kids.

He said he wanted change, but no one knew to what degree he really meant. Now, you have, just a small idea of what is going on.

Agree with me, or don't, but you can't call any of this made up. Every bit of it has been recorded on either audio, or video. How can they deny saying it, when you can clearly see or hear them saying it?

Nice guys.......don't even get the bronze.

Yet again, wrote it a while ago lol.

So, everyone has heard the expression "Nice guys finish last". Oh, how true that expression is. The reason behind this? I cannot possibly fathom the answer. One, myself included, would think that being a good, down to earth, generally nice person, would be the type of person that is not treated poorly. They would get what they deserve. That, my friends, is most definitely not the case. Either it's a complete anatomical mystery, or just a phase people go through. The basic reasoning behind this writing, is how girls go for the douche bags. Sorry if that offends anyone, but honestly, fucking really? Half the time, girls go into it knowing what kind of person the guy is. Knowing he will most likely cheat, lie, treat them like shit, whatever the case may be. Either my mind is completely different compared to everyone else, or there is seriously something very fucked up with that concept. Us guys who treat girls with the utmost respect, sometimes with more respect than we give ourselves, usually get shit on in the end. Apparently, relationships are now based on fighting, cheating, whatever.

          To be successful in the "Dating" world, you have to either be rich or a complete asshole. Now, don't get me wrong, there are plenty of us so called "Nice Guys" that catch a good girl. That type of girl is definitely rare to find, they are the ones that realized early on, that the nice guys, are a better choice. I truly hope that ridiculously bogus expression will be changed to read more along the lines of "Nice guys, come out victorious". Guys that read this, are probably going to say that this blog, is retarded and that I'm stupid for writing it. The thing is, I really don't give a fuck anymore. I'm not quite sure who I'm exactly writing this for. Not anyone specifically obviously.

          I recall lyrics, from a somewhat inspirational song, those lyrics are quite well known. "We keep on waiting.....waiting on the world to change". Good song. Lies, senseless thinking, and most of all, nothing to get your hopes up for. I write to try and get people to understand my point of view as a person, by showing you who I truly am. Not being the person I am at school. Some of you may not be surprised by who I actually am, others, may be somewhat surprised.

          So all in all, if I've helped open a door to expand your thoughts and or feelings toward people, I am glad, and I consider myself somewhat successful and glad that I could help. To those of you who these blogs have done nothing for, sorry for wasting your time. But I am fairly confident that this won't be my last blog.

More than meets the eye.

Again, wrote this one quite some time ago.

So, if you happened to read my last blog, you would have, or at least should have realized that I'm not as shallow as people may believe. The thing is, once people become known for acting a certain way, any other emotion they show, is not what others consider "normal". So if you are usually happy, outgoing, loud, funny, etc., the second you show that you are sad, disappointed, depressed (to an extent), people wont stop until you are back to what they are used to. This may sound conceited, because it sounds like it to me, but I am known to be funny, loud, mostly easy going, and what not. I honestly think that most people don't think there is very much to me. The truth is, I'm actually quite deep. I guess you could say I wear what some would say and "Emotional Mask". Some may know what I mean by that, but to those that don't, it basically means that to keep people from constantly nagging me about being unhappy, I just plain don't show my true emotions. Hence why people may come to think that I am a shallow, pompous ass. It's not only me that people don't give enough credit to. It happens every day with tons of people, some of my friends especially. Personally, I think that people should really get to know those people, myself included, before deciding whether or not they are what you think they are. Many times I've judged people before knowing them, and often, my previous belief about that person was the exact opposite of what, and who they truly were.
          So, to those who read this, I thank you, and hope you, and everyone else eventually least with me........there truly is more than meets the eye

Monotony, or just being S.O.L.

I wrote this quite some time ago. However it completely applied to my life then.

Some say waiting for something is the answer for things. Most of the time, the "Wait and See" theory pertains to relationships, money, and jobs. Waiting for those specific things is by far, the dumbest possible thing to do. How often do you hear of things such as a relationship, jobs, money, or hell, even happiness, magically falling into someones lap? Damn near never. Those types of things are so-called "rewards" for the people who apply themselves. If you dont get out and search for a job, go do something productive, talk to the opposite sex, etc., you wont end up getting the thing you desire most. Being one of those who doesnt exactly "apply" myself, or "play the field" so to speak, its kinda hard to say that the people who dont get out there and get something done, dont deserve those rewards. One might say that we are just shit out of luck. I say that a select portion of people are just "doomed" to a mononous mess of unintentional unhappiness. So, to break that barrier of monotony, we need to get out and try to make something of ourselves. This not only applies to me, but quite a few people I know. Too long I've sat back and watched people struggle to survive with what they have, while yet only one of them worked, and the other sat at home doing absolutely nothing. They are very close to me, so I can't help but feel bad and drop my anger at the lazy one, but it's time they get up and do something with themself.

To those of you who get constant relationships, money, anything in general, congratulations fucker